Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Summer officially ends on September 22nd, so how about marking it with a bit of fall cleaning?  Warm summer months means vacations away from home and more time spent outdoors.  But while you were out enjoying yourself, dirt and grime didn't take a vacation -  they sat around the house, accumulating and multiplying!  And now, with the winter months ahead and the holiday seasons rushing in upon us, it's an ideal time to get a throrough house cleaning under way!

  • Clear your mind (and space): You made great memories during your summer months, but there are likely small reminders throughout the house (beach towels, coolers, flip flops) that you won’t need during the fall and winter months. Take a few minutes to walk around your home and collect these items to reduce clutter and the time it takes your cleaning service to clean around these items.
  • Prevent illness: People often get sick in the winter not because it’s cold out, but because they’re spending more time indoors. A thorough cleaning before (and during) your families’ increased time indoors will help keep the germs from spreading. 
  • Breathe easier: A good fall cleaning and constant upkeep will also limit the amount of dust and dirt in the air. With cleaner air to breathe, you’ll sleep better and be able to really enjoy each other’s company. 
  • Making room: The fall is when many pull out their boots to prepare for the rain and snow.  Since you've just spent time putting the flip flops away, make room in your closets and entryways for the extra jackets, hats, mittens and boots that come out of hiding in the fall months.
  • Time really is money: Instead of spending all of your time cleaning in preparation for many months indoors, hire a cleaning service to help you!  Take back the time you save and enjoy your family and the activities you love!