Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Cleaning Tips For Your Office

Fall weather means cooler temperatures and shorter days, and with the change in season comes a change in our daily routines.

We spend more time inside, coffee drinkers start drinking hot coffee instead of iced, and falling leaves and debris can create one more mess to clean. Here are five Fall cleaning and maintenance tips for businesses to consider.

Keep Entrances Closed: During the Fall wind picks up and leaves and debris start to fall from trees. Prevent leaves from getting inside your business by keep all entrances and windows closed. Dry leaves crumble easily and will leave you with a mess if customers step on them.

Entrance Mats: Protect your floors with entrance mats.  Entrance mats trap dirt and moisture that would otherwise be tracked all over by customers and employees. Over time this will save money that you would have spent keeping your floors clean.

Clean the Office: In addition to the weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning maintenance service for your office, every Fall you should consider having your entire office deep cleaned. Cooler temperatures means keeping doors and windows shut which decreases ventilation and increases dust build-up. A clean office will benefit you by providing a fresher and less dusty workplace for you and your employees.

Follow our tips and get more of your time back to enjoy the fresh air, milder temperatures and sunshine while it lasts!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Summer officially ends on September 22nd, so how about marking it with a bit of fall cleaning?  Warm summer months means vacations away from home and more time spent outdoors.  But while you were out enjoying yourself, dirt and grime didn't take a vacation -  they sat around the house, accumulating and multiplying!  And now, with the winter months ahead and the holiday seasons rushing in upon us, it's an ideal time to get a throrough house cleaning under way!

  • Clear your mind (and space): You made great memories during your summer months, but there are likely small reminders throughout the house (beach towels, coolers, flip flops) that you won’t need during the fall and winter months. Take a few minutes to walk around your home and collect these items to reduce clutter and the time it takes your cleaning service to clean around these items.
  • Prevent illness: People often get sick in the winter not because it’s cold out, but because they’re spending more time indoors. A thorough cleaning before (and during) your families’ increased time indoors will help keep the germs from spreading. 
  • Breathe easier: A good fall cleaning and constant upkeep will also limit the amount of dust and dirt in the air. With cleaner air to breathe, you’ll sleep better and be able to really enjoy each other’s company. 
  • Making room: The fall is when many pull out their boots to prepare for the rain and snow.  Since you've just spent time putting the flip flops away, make room in your closets and entryways for the extra jackets, hats, mittens and boots that come out of hiding in the fall months.
  • Time really is money: Instead of spending all of your time cleaning in preparation for many months indoors, hire a cleaning service to help you!  Take back the time you save and enjoy your family and the activities you love!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to Get The Best Out of Your Cleaning Service

Here are some tips to make sure you, the client, get the best results from your cleaning service: 

  • Prioritize Your Cleaning: Be sure to walk through the job with your cleaning service. Doing so helps both parties iron out proper expectations, and it sets the stage for an honest, respectful future working relationship. You’ll also get an idea of what your cleaner sees when he walks through your office or home. 

  • Establish open communication: People’s needs change, so we encourage our clients to speak with us if there are specific changes needed for any particular cleaning session. If more time is needed, or you have an area of your home or office that needs more attention, we are happy to accommodate you. 
  • Clear a path for the cleaners: Take a few minutes the morning of your scheduled cleaning, or the night before, to pick up your office or home. Think about how much of your personal possessions the cleaner will have to move to clean under or around. Group things together, pile up your papers, corral all that laundry. If you have a lot of bathroom/dresser-top items, put them in a basket or cabinet for the day. Invest in desk organizers to keep your desk free of paperclips, staplers, pens and calculators. Saving worker’s time on non-cleaning related activities translates to more actual cleaning time for your dollar. 
  • Relax: A professional cleaner helps free you up to spend time on the things that matter to you - working on, not in your business, or spending time with friends and family. Don't waste this gift by hovering over your maid or cleaning service as they move through your cleaning list. Armed with your initial input, our trained professionals will deliver great results each and every time. 
  • Provide feedback: Did you absolutely love the way your reception area looked after a scheduled cleaning? Did your floors sparkle? Let us know what really impresses you and we will make sure your expectations are met or exceeded every time! Did your cleaning professional miss something? Tell us so that we can ensure that your office or home is cleaned to your special needs. Providing feedback will help your cleaning service to deliver 100% satisfaction. 

Get the most out of your cleaning service and you will take back more hours of your life to spend on the activities you really enjoy!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning For Your Office Or Home

Spring is here!  The weather is gorgeous and it's time to open the windows and start that Spring cleaning!  After a cold and snowy winter, it's time to de-clutter, reorganize, and freshen up your office or home. Commercial spaces, just like residential spaces need a little help to sparkle, shine, and keep employees healthy.  But where to start?  What needs to be done?  A little preparation goes a long way, so here are our top tips make spring cleaning an easier, less daunting task.

  • Make a To-Do List:  Go room by room and make a list of all the items you want cleaned.  Identifying what areas of the office or home you would like tackled on your chores list will help you to strategize a cleaning plan.

  • Cleaning Products:  If there are special products that you love, have them handy for your cleaning service so that the job will be done to your satisfaction.

  • Plan Your Cleaning Schedule:  Would you prefer a one-time clean for your business or home, or would a rotational cleaning checklist spread out over the year work better for your needs?Spring cleaning doesn't have to be completed in one day and it may make economical sense to tackle a large, detailed cleaning list by spreading the work out over a few weeks, or months.

  • Get Help:  Hire a fully licensed, professional janitorial, maid service or cleaning service to help you deep clean your office or home.  More help means more cleaning power, and more of your valuable time that you can claim for a better use - growing your business or spending time with family and friends.

 Happy Spring!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Protect Your Floors from Winter

Here in New England harsh, wintry conditions wreak havoc on everyone's floors.  Rock salt and calcium chloride are a safe way to keep your entrances and driveways free and clear for your  clients and your family.  But both chemicals can damage your floors.  Rock salt can leave a white residue that over time will dull the finish of your flooring and fade the color of your carpets.  Calcium chloride, when tracked into the office, coats flooring with an oily residue that eats away at floor finishes.  

So what can you do to protect your floors?
  •  Most importantly, less is best. Apply an even coating after all the shoveling an plowing is done.  Employees, clients, family members and animals will track the chemicals into your office and home.
  •  Welcome Mats are your first defense.  Protect your floors by using mats in high traffic areas inside and outside of your property.  Use a scraper type mat for the exterior to remove excess rock salt and calcium chloride.  An absorbent type mat for the interior will soak up any remaining moisture tracked in.  Good mats will save you time and money!
  •  Wash your floors regularly.  Throughout Winter, and particularly after snowstorms, have your floors washed.  Sweep and vacuum all particles off the floor first to avoid any unnecessary scratching.  Calcium chloride leaves an oily residue on the surface, so make sure to keep high traffic areas as clean as possible.
  • Remove the chemicals as soon as the snow has gone for good.  Once the weather has cleared it is important to remove the leftover rock salt and calcium chloride.  After the snow has melted, any remaining chemicals will not dissolve and will be tracked into your business or home.  When stuck in the soles of shoes, this material will scratch floors and tear carpet fibers.
Use our tips and keep your floors, and the people who walk on them, safe.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Welcome Spring with a fresh, sparkling, healthy office or home! Sometimes, all your business or home needs is a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning for a fresher look and a healthier environment. Our one-time comprehensive cleaning service focuses on tough dirt and buildup. Let us make it easier for you to maintain a clean and sparkling office or home. Call today and schedule a 4-hr Spring Clean for only $260.00.